Find my Stickers

Concept Overview

This project is a prototype of a matching game built using Articulate Storyline. It is a story of Anna, who loves to collect stickers. The player goal is to help her find the missing stickers and add them to her book. The instructions and the story supposed to be narrated by Anna during the gameplay. Also, another goal of for this game is to introduce the names of the animals to children, once the image dragged over, Anna would say the name of the animal in that image. Currently, this prototype has no audio, and the instructions were printed on the screen to demonstrate what the protagonist is supposed to say.

Target Audience

  • Children age 3-5

  • No geographical location

  • English speakers

Learning Goals

  • Children will be able to:

  • . compare and match images based on explicit relationships

  • . recognize the shape and the name of each animal

Learning Theories

The cognitive theory of multimedia learning

Principles for reducing extraneous processing in multimedia learning

The Process

  • The design of the game is quite simple. I have rote the story of Anna and created a storyboard for the gameplay. After creating the graphics I have used Storyline to program my prototype. The player has to compare the images and drag each one into the correct position. Once all the images have been placed a correct or incorrect feedback would appear on the screen with Anna’s happy or sad face.

Project details

  • Programs: Articulate Storyline 360, Adobe Illustrator

  • Category: Games, eLearning

  • Created: Fall 2018


  • Mayer, R. E., & Fiorella, L. (2014). [Principles for reducing extraneous processing in multimedia learning: Coherence, signaling, redundancy, spatial contiguity, and temporal contiguity principles]. In R. Mayer (Ed.), The Cambridge Handbook of Multimedia Learning (2nd ed., pp. 279–315). Cambridge: Cambridge University Press.


  • Designed and Developed by by Manal Alyaba

  • Graphics &