I call an adult!

Concept Overview

Developing social skills in children equip them for a future normal interaction in all aspects of life. A social story is an easy and efficient method for teaching children how to do specific things, learn social skills, control new or unusual social situations, and manage problem behaviors. So this story intended to teach children to not open the door for strangers. A story about a little boy who heard the doorbell ring, but he kept the door close and called his mother. Social stories teach children what kind of behaviors are expected from them in specific events, as well as the expected responses.

Target Audience

  • Since social stories usually used for children with special needs, especially autistic children the main target audience would be children with autism.

  • Also children at age 3-4

  • No geographical location

  • English Speakers

Learning Goals

  • Children will be able to demonstrate the accurate responses expected to the doorbell ringing.

Learning Theories

Social Learning Theory: social learning theory describes the role of observational learning in the modeling and development of different social behaviors.

Narrative Based on Act structure

  • Sitting/Introduction: Little boy “Joe” watching TV

  • Incident: The doorbell ring

  • Climax: He doesn’t know the person outside the door, the person outside the door is a stranger

  • Resolution: He leaves the door closed, and call his mother

The Process

  • When I thought of this idea I was thinking about my three years old nephew who always run to open the door without asking.

  • I have defined my learning goal.

  • Wrote up the script.

  • Designed the characters and the scenes of the comic panels

  • With this young age in mind, I thought it would be good to have these panels arranged in a way that can be printed and used as a card game for children.

Project details

  • Programs: Adobe Illustrator

  • Category: Visual Design, Graphic Design, Story Telling

  • Created: Fall 2018


  • Jones, PR; Bawazir, R; (2018) A Theoretical Framework on Using Social Stories with the Creative Arts for Individuals on the Autistic Spectrum. International Journal of Medical and Health Sciences, 11 (9) pp. 533-541.


  • Designed by Manal Alyaba

  • Original Graphics by